-1 + 2: Primary and Secondary weapons, respectively

    -LMB: Shoot

    -A + D: Move left and right

    -W + S: Move up and down the staircase (Yellow thing for now)

   - R: Reload weapon

    -E: Hold to refill ammo at the ammo crate (it takes 5 seconds)


As much of a learning experience this was, this project won't be updated frequently anymore. This was my first game and the programming is sub-par and difficult to work with and my next project will definitely benefit from this experience. 

As a short postmortem for this game I will say that though I'm proud that I've actually made something, it could have been much better. Areas that I neglected where physics, the story,  and the UI. I was always paranoid about functionality and file sizes so I adopted a physics-less game with as many manual movements as I could fit in. The UI was something that implemented late and had to work around my game rather than working my game around the UI.

The idea for the game wasn't one of my biggest ideas which is why I chose for the jam. I wish I could expand upon the world but I keep coming to a grinding halt trying to work on everything at once. I think next time I'll work on the story first but learning how to program with flexibility in mind is something I'll be trying to do from now on.

I'm not one to come up with small, workable project ideas and this game was definitely out of scope for my abilities. In the future I may come back and build this project from the ground up. 


-Pulled back the camera to see the whole apartment

-Added sounds for the guns

-Added a shadow overlay for the hallways


-Difficulty settings work

-Enemy spawning is more wave-like

-Enemy health and damage changes

-Added a vignette

-Enemies now take time traversing the stairs instead of insta-teleporting to the attic


-Added a main menu. The difficulty setting doesn't work at the moment but the weapon choosing does. 

-Added an ammo crate on the ground floor. Hold E to refill your current weapons ammo.

What happened to the world is unknown. What happened to the people, how they became like that is unknown. The future is dark, the sun has disappeared.  What will happen to us is unknown. All I can do now is to protect my family. I've told them that no matter what happens. No matter what you hear. Just. Keep. Sleeping.

How long can you last?

If you're interested in the future of this game then please add it to your collections! Progress will be updated on my twitter:


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it wasn't bad. in fact for a first game ever, it beats the hell out of my first games. everything was functional.

the only real problem is poor design. the game was just boring. nothing to really keep you on your toes. more enemy variation, weapons, etc would have been nice. im sure your next projects will benefit greatly from the experience from this. good luck!

Thanks, dude. The game is nowhere near what I had originally imagined it as. The wave system is just a clock that counts down every 75 seconds and says "New wave!" and isn't attached to the enemies that are on-screen at all. There was also suppose to be two more weapon slots. One for a low-ammo room-clearer weapon like a grenade launcher or a spike gun, and the other for explosives like frag grenades and C4. 

Enemies were suppose to be a bit smaller, more zombie like and spawn in the dozens. Accuracy would depend on both mouse position and the weapons general accuracy and there was also a bullet penetration system for the more hard hitting guns. You could plant C4 or a frag grenade to a string in the hallway that would explode when triggered. You could end the night prematurely by barricading the staircases and hope that you had killed enough to survive until they had forgotten about you and risk a total gameover. Death would mean the next night you would play as one of the family members.

You know, writing all this down, I'm suddenly realized my original scope for this project. I was bogged down during development and at the end of it I had forgotten why I was doing this. I might restart this project sooner than I realized. Thank you very much for the comment!

Sounds to me by the way you're talking about it that you still want to finish it. All the things that you mention are perfectly doable! I think the big thing that would make development easier for you would be some code refactoring (since you've mentioned the code being a mess). A big thing about game dev is actually finishing the game. Yeah, the experience counts but even if you cut half the planned content, nothing is better than actually finishing something. 

Pretty fun!


I'm very glad you liked it!

While incomplete, looks nice :) You forgot to tell the player how to use weapons. I couldn't start to shoot until I found it was with the numbers.


Nice browser game, played to the end.  Wish there was a way to find ammo/melee attack.


Ammo crate is definitely in the next update. A melee attack is an interesting idea too, I'll give that a thought. I never really planned an endgame state as the game I referenced, Chocolate Rain, was an infinite enemy spawner where you're supposed to see how long you last. Thank you for playing, dude!